A lot of people may feel that a colonic is an invasive procedure that is uncomfortable. However for those that have had colon therapy in the past are pleasantly shocked how comfortable the procedure might be. It can be an important health tool to be performed together with a 30-day or even a 3 day cleanse diet.

After finishing a health history form and also a consultation with the colon hydrotherapist, the patient is asked to get into a gown or even wrap in a towel and lie face up on a treatment table. A massage of the abdominal area is done before the colonic session to loosen up any stuck waste and assist the individual to relax. The moment the massage is finished which takes just a couple of moments, the patient turns on their left side where the colon therapist positions a disposable speculum into the anus which is around the size of an adult’s thumb.

The gravity fed pressure helps the water to permeate through the whole 5-6 feet of the colon, and it also creates a pressure that is like a vacuum that draws and pulls the waste matter out. Gravity fed colonics are recommended because it is the safest and more effective method of cleansing. It works together with the natural flow of the body, and reduces the possibility of any issues.

The best type of system is the closed system which makes sure that all the waste matter will flow through a closed drainage which also means that the client as well as the therapist do not smell the feces, therefore this is also sanitary and more pleasant.

The individual generally feels a small amount of discomfort in the abdomen throughout the therapy as waste as well as gas is being mixed up and pulled out. The therapist may employ light massage to the client’s abdominal area to aid the process. Cramping is a standard part of the process and once you begin to break up stagnant toxic waste, the bowels will do its job to get rid of it. In particular, when performing colonic sessions along with a raw food cleanse, a lot more waste will become brought out to be expelled.

Also, a lot of patients will say the only thing that is uncomfortable about the colonic process is merely having the urge to push or get to the toilet. It is a “bizarre” sensation for lack of a better word, but it is one that you do get accustomed to. Keep in mind that you are expelling waste while laying over a treatment table, rather than the typical toilet, so it’s expected to be a little strange at first.

Occasionally while doing a colonic one may encounter ‘hot flashes’ or start to sweat, or even get goose bumps. This happens because the circulatory system is being stimulated and the blood is purging waste.

A typical session will make use of 15-20 gallons of water and will continue for anywhere from 35 minutes to a hour. After the session, the therapist leaves the room, and the client may use the toilet to elimintae any residual water and fecal matter.

A lot of patients will feel lighter, feel more energetic, feel cleaner and less gassy right after a colonic, and they may go right back to their normal activities. Some may experience a headache or even feel sleepy and this is because a lot of toxins were stirred up. Years of build up doesn’t get cleaned in just one session so to ensure a more thorough cleansing of the intestines it is suggested to do at least 5-10 sessions and keeping going with a raw food detox diet.

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