Why Barley Greens Are Hearty Greens

Barley greens have been used to improve health cross-culturally for hundreds of years.  There are many health benefits that these super greens have.  One of the many health benefits that people who use barley grass experience is a lower risk of heart disease than those who do not use barley grass. 

Understanding why barely greens are hearty greens will make you more health-conscious and likely to use these super foods to show your heart some love.  Your heart is a very important muscle that you need to treat right.  The heart is responsible for pumping blood through the body’s vessels by contracting and expanding.  Oxygen is contained within the body’s blood, and so when a part of your body receives inadequate amounts of blood it receives an inadequate amount of oxygen. 

Barley grass is good for you heart because it can affect cholesterol, blood sugar, as well as blood pressure. 

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Having high cholesterol levels is not a disease in and of itself, but it can lead to very serious diseases down the road.  Cholesterol levels can build up to unhealthy levels and start to coat the blood vessels in an unhealthy way.  This can cause a narrowing of a blood vessel, or, in extreme cases, high cholesterol can lead to a complete blockage in a vessel.  When this happens, there is inadequate blood supply to organs in the body.  Not having enough blood, and thus enough oxygen, severely impairs the functioning of vital organs within the body.

Studies suggest that a diet containing barely grass is a diet low in cholesterol.  There are many things that can cause high cholesterol; heredity, live style factors, weight, and stress are all culprits of causing high cholesterol levels.  It does not matter what happens to be causing your high cholesterol; barley greens can help combat it. 

Blood Sugar

Often times, it is only diabetics who consciously pay attention to their blood sugar levels.  However, blood sugar affects both diabetics and non-diabetics.  Barley greens can be used to regulate your blood sugar levels.  Immediately following a meal, our blood sugar levels are affected.  Studies have shown that barley greens can have an effect on blood sugar levels for as long as ten hours after a meal.  It is important to regulate blood sugar levels because having either a high or a low blood sugar level can have negative health consequences.

Blood Pressure

Having high blood pressure is another risk factor for heart problems.  65 million Americans are estimated to have difficulty maintaining a healthy blood pressure.  Adding barley grass to your diet will help lower blood pressure.  You don’t want your heart muscle to constantly be under stress and tension. 

Studies have shown that barley greens are hearty greens.  This plant can help with many areas concerning heart health, including cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure.  Many people call the heart the “muscle of love.”  You don’t want to be mistreating your love muscle!  Love your heart and your heart will love you.

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