Barley Grass Benefits

Barley grass is grown by placing the seeds within a container of water.  After the seeds sprout, they are allowed to grow about ten inches before being harvested.  After harvesting, barley grass can be turned into a powder.  It is this powder which can be placed in water to make barley tea.  Barley grass benefits can come in many ways.

It is important to know, however, that many of the healthy enzymes contained within this plant will be lost if the powdered barley is placed in hot water.  You can still drink your barley tea warm, but not hot.  Allowing the water to cool to body temperature before adding the powdered barley is a good idea.   You can also try drinking your tea cool.  All sorts of tea flavors have many different health benefits.  Powdered barley grass tea is no exception.

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Vitamin C

Barley grass is a powerful source of vitamin C.  In fact, powdered barley contains about seven times as much vitamin C as an orange!  Vitamin C is not only essential for a healthy immune system, it is also important because of how it functions as an antioxidant.  The antioxidants of Vitamin C found in  barley help hypertension, cardiovascular disease, as well as diabetes.

Many people take Vitamin C and other supplements.  While health supplements are certainly beneficial, obtaining vitamins and minerals from more direct sources has greater health advantages than supplements.  Barley grass powder is not like a vitamin supplement because the body can easily and efficiently obtain vitamins and nutrients from it.


Powdered barley is also a great source of calcium, containing about ten times as much calcium as milk.  Calcium helps build strong bones in teeth, where roughly 99% of the body’s calcium is stored.  The other 1% of the body’s calcium that can be obtained from powdered barley is used for functions such as muscle contraction and triggering the release of neurotransmitters in the brain.  Neurotransmitters help make thought and perception possible.

Calcium deficiency can lead to health complications down the road as well as direct consequences.  If you are not getting enough calcium, you may experience muscle aches and cramps.  Insomnia and fatigue are also associated with calcium deficiency.  Barley helps keep these symptoms at bay.


Incorporating barley greens into your diet can also help you get iron.  Powdered barley contains about five times as much iron as spinach.  If you feel weak and tired often, you may not be getting enough iron.  Iron helps extract the energy found in food.  You can eat all the energy-containing food you want but your body won’t be able to harvest that energy unless it has sufficient iron levels.  Barley Grass can help you feel more energized because of its high iron level.

Incorporating powdered barley into your diet can have tremendous health effects.  Vitamin C, calcium, and iron are all found within barley grass.  Mixing your self a cup of tea every now and then is not only fast, simple and easy, it’s extremely beneficial.  As you can see Barley Grass Benefits are pretty amazing.

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